Thursday, November 5, 2009

Yo David, You Owe Me A Shout-Out, Love!

So next week we embark on the marvelous "David Tennant co-hosts Absolute Radio" Week!  SQUEE!!!  Can't wait to stay up 'round the clock just to catch this live!!  That reminds me, Christian O'Connell RTed (retweeted) my hashtag tweet this morning (Ooooh, that's what?  5 OC RT's to date? XD) and in case you missed it, I was not asking but telling all you tweeps to spread that #absolutedt hashtag like wildfire next week because it WILL trend next week, damn it - it's GOT to!  Maybe that would encourage the man to finally break down and tweet.  ...sheah, right!  =(

All this brings me to my new shameless idea - to get David to give me a shout-out next week for all the hours I've spent bringing YouTube Land Davidy goodness!  To be more specific, for bringing Masterpiece Contemporary to the other side of the Atlantic.  Seriously though, don't you think I deserve something for all those endless hours of attempting to split, cut, reassemble and upload his work?  I say attempting 'cause, you know, I get kinda sidetracked with the actual footage!  ;D

So here's my plan - to get one of you tweeps to tweet @the_OC and tell him I deserve a DT Shout-Out for everything I do and have the rest of you lot RT that to him.  Any volunteers? that's gonna do anything more than clog up people's timelines.  Still would be fun though... for me anyway!  XD

Speaking of "fun"... in case anyone missed these WoM preview clips of sex on legs - almost literally - here ya go!  Enjoy!  ;D  Man, I'm gonna have a field day doing screencaps for THIS episode!  DAAAAAMN, David!

We've got quite the line-up of Tennant Treats coming up these next two months and I can't wait!  Maybe next time I'll post a calendar - yeah he's got THAT much stuff coming up, chickies!  Time to clear those DVRs of X-Factor and your kids' shows - this stuff is important!  Looks like Santa finally got my letter telling him all I wanted for Christmas was David Tennant and he was able to pull some strings!  XD  DAMN YOU USPS (United States Postal Service)!!  Well, better late than never, eh?  Oh puleeze, like you never thought to ask Santa for that!  ;D

I dedicate this week's #TennantTreats to @salleeten... she'll know why once she scrolls down!  Have a great week!  =D

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Rex - But Not The Dog, The Lawyer...

No seriously, one of my followers on Twitter has a dog named Rex... [insert The Twilight Zone theme here]  I wonder if that's a sign.  Hmmm...

So it's only Thursday... no wait, Wednesday, but Tuesday's news deserved a blog entry - David Tennant to do an NBC pilot.  Wow!  Who would've thunk, eh?

In case you missed this glorious news here's the original article from The Hollywood Reporter from Monday night regarding David's casting and some info about Rex is Not Your Lawyer.

So some dtfangirls are happy, some are downright pissed off about David taking on this American project on NBC and some like to rain on my parade by reminding me that oodles of pilots are made and never get picked up.  And to the latter I say this:


- The pilot is being directed by David Semel who directed the pilots for "Heroes" and "Life".

- The head executive producer is Barry Schindel who brought us the entire "Law and Order" franchise.

- The other executive producers are Gail Berman ("Malcom in the Middle", "Buffy the Vampire Slayer", "Angel"), Lloyd Braun (greenlit "The Sopranos",  "Lost", "Desperate Housewives", "Grey's Anatomy") and Gene Stein.

- The show will be a legal dramedy (drama/comedy) which is currently lacking on American network television.

- The show will be quirky by all accounts and has been described as "Monk" meets "Ally McBeal".

- And of course, it will star a Mr. David Tennant who reportedly "nailed the part" after months of searching for a lead actor.  SQUEE!!

So there you have it folks, NOW tell me it's JUST a pilot!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Steven Moffat - Home Wrecker!

GOODness what a week!

So first we were hit (across the pond... YES!!!) with David's debut on Masterpiece Contemporary followed by the Glorious 39 red carpet premiere and a hint at Burke & Hare???

We'll start with the muRdeR clip 'cause you know you wanna see Mr. Sex on Legs all over again!  muRdeR and YOOO... PBS is gonna get rich off me if he keeps asking me to make donations every Sunday night!  This reminds me of the anticipation I used to have for my Saturday night eye candy fix... sigh...

So glad my fellow American women are starting to catch on!  See what you chickies have been missing out on?  WHAT A MAN!

Next on my TO DO list is the lovely Mr. Tennant on the red carpet at the premiere of his new film, Glorious 39.  The man even got his own line in the credits and can be seen gracing (although flipped - I hate it when they flip pictures of David, grrr!) the theatrical release movie poster.

You know you want to see that HOT Scotsman strut his stuff on the red carpet and boy did he!  David can work ANY suit!

And right on that red carpet the awesome folks at Empire Magazine (I LOVE YOU GUYS!) managed to get this out of the man himself in regards to Burke & Hare - - and now I'm certain I'll be getting my geek on all alone in the theatre/cinema!  Oh, oh... that is NOT what I meant you dirty-minded readers, you! ; )

So all this brings me to the reason behind the title on today's post:


Clearly The Moff thinks this is going to win him plenty of hormonal, teenage, male viewers.  Guess my sorry GenX female ass is no longer wanted which is fine by me... I don't need to spend my Saturday nights watching this family smut when I can be watching any delicious episode from Series 2-4.

This is how it's going to go down in an average UK home on an unassuming Saturday night:

WTF is THIS?  There is no WAY we're letting our wee lad watch this!
But love, there is nothing wrong with the way she's dressed - oh hell, she's hot!
HOT? This is the kind of thing our son does NOT need to see! You are obviously thinking with your dick - typical man!
Mum?  Dad? You can have the telly back... that new Doctor has a really weird-shaped head and looks kind of Halloweeny.  I'm just going to go to my room to play with my Ten toys...[insert disappointed child's face here].

And now for the treats!  We'll start off with everyone's favorite cookie - this motivational poster is never going to get old, Mmmmmmm!  Go grab that pocketed bib, chickies!

Have a great week ladies!  ;D

Thursday, October 22, 2009

I LOVE PBS... plus, the sexiness factor has gone through the roof!

Well, I'm late posting today but I have a perfectly good explanation.  I was busy overnight butchering and cooking this baby up:

Is it me or did it get seriously hot in here?  Good lord, David!!! *fans self*

See?  Told you there was a good reason this post was late!

Before I go on to today's real post I will perform this week's public service announcement:

You have GOT to check out for awesome dt musings every week!

And now on to the juicy stuff... well, I say juicy but it's not all going to be about the mouth so... ; D

Let's get this ball rolling!